We use the awesome 3Shape​ scanner and software system to work across many different implant platforms and solutions providers to ensure we can always offer our surgeons and their patients the ideal solution for their implant system.

That’s one of the major benefits of a truly open scanner and software package.

In this case we were able to plan the position of the teeth in a slightly challenging space to fill, design a full metal back to allow clearance and protect the ceramic in a tight bite, and also develop the soft tissues exactly as the surgeon had requested.

We then shared the images back to the surgery to allow us to discuss the CAD design, and gain approval prior to milling from CREATECH MEDICAL​ who are a European milling partner for MegaGen Implant​.

The final results were beautiful, and allowed us to communicate effectively and work to the prescription of Dr Abid Faqir at Shawlands Dental Care​ in supporting the tissues exactly as they wanted.

Effective communication, fantastic design software, and excellent milling services allowed us to deliver a truly custom solutions with excellence at every stage.

We’ll hopefully have future images when the patient comes back for review, but the feedback at fit was a very happy patient.

That’s what it’s all about.

3Shape Createch Milling.001

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