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At nexus, we are fortunate to be in a unique position which few other dental laboratories can claim. The nexus lab is based in a dental practice, and while the two are not associated with one another, we do work closely together, which allows us to have an insight into the patient journey from start to finish.

This is a situation that we find particularly rewarding, and gives us a huge advantage. The whole team at nexus is passionate about the work we do, but it feels even more special when we get to see the finished product too – someone’s new smile.

Laboratories based in dental practices definitely have their benefits. Many labs never get to see the end result of their work – it is sent to them, they process it, and then they send it back out again, never to see where it goes, and who is the recipient of that new smile, and ultimately, a new lease on life. While the lab can claim some responsibility for that, they do not often receive any of the recognition. Although dental technicians do their job because it is something they love, and not for praise, the feeling of actually getting to see a patient thrilled with their new smile is truly unbeatable.

Being situated in a dental practice means that we see the process of fixing a smile through from start to finish. This might mean anything, from a single crown to a full set of dentures, but you can guarantee that it will always make a huge difference to the patient. It is easy to forget how important a smile can be unless you are affected, but our lab and the practice go above and beyond to restore that smile, and that confidence. Being able to see photos of the end results, and sometimes seeing those results in person, is a welcome reminder of the difference we can make, and is so encouraging when the days are long and hard.

We know that not every lab is fortunate enough to be in the position we are, and are extremely grateful that we have this fantastic opportunity. So much hard work goes into this lab and the appliances it produces, and being able to see how our work has a real impact on someone just gives us further encouragement, strengthening our sense of achievement.

This motivation and enthusiasm has an inevitable effect on all of the work we produce, so whether it’s for an onsite or offsite patient, the same level of dedication and attention to detail will go into the piece. Working alongside a dentist, we have that added level of support and expertise when necessary, so our offsite patients too are guaranteed a medical appliance that is of the very highest standard.

We value each one of our patients, and never take for granted the fortunate position we are in. This has only been achieved by hard work, and we will continue with that work ethic to ensure nexus keeps growing in strength, and delivering the very best.

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